Lovable Pets Slots

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bonus, video, 6-reel

The glimmering aesthetic and soft hearted soundtrack says everything about Lovable Pets Slots before players even really dig in! Realtime Gaming shows its range in game creation with a soft to the touch game that's not only cute to look at, but oh so fun to play!

Off the bat players will know there are so many combinations to match and earn with, just under four thousand one hundred combinations are what's advertised, and that's incredible thinking of the nature of this virtual slots title.

The lovable animals themselves are adjoined with scatters and basic slots symbols such as thematic card variants like hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds. The suits are important but the lovable animals themselves are worth so much more in game!

Players will find themselves discovering lovable animals such as dogs, cats, cute fish and hamsters along with basic accoutrement like bone and balls of wood for the domesticated pets players know and love. Besides the cute symbols and fantastic gameplay, there are unique in game elements that add to the luck and fortune of players all the while making Lovable Pets one of the better slots games because of it!

Every non win a player achieves gives them an opportunity to attain a guaranteed re-spin. These re-spins once earned won't fade until the player hits a bonus, these can range from one to seven times the stake put in, but these are triggered from a loss so the player achieves a one up regardless. This is a truly fantastic feature especially for players who are apprehensive to jump in, knowing one can win up to seven bad spins on a single loss is so worth the investment and again makes Lovable Pets a uniquely fun and original title because of it.

The low buy in and ability to earn huge on small plays makes Lovable Pets an entry easy for those new to the series let alone genre to get into. Free spins and the game demo are available to new players who want to try the mechanics first before jumping in all the way, and all the numerous scatters and jackpot combinations are available to show players what world they are missing out on!

Lovable Pets is an innovator in a world of fluffy critter slots title, it was one of the first and although other games may have its aesthetic style, they don't have guaranteed re spins or the originality that made this Realtime Gaming title an instant classic.