Hyper Wins Slots

Hyper Wins Slots
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bonus, video, 3-reel
Classic Slot Symbols, Gems

Realtime Gaming has yet again built a world of fortune and whimsy in Hyper Wins Slots! The music and soundtrack is reminiscent of games that existed in the eight bit era, but the nostalgic noises and gorgeously guiding animations will have players endeared and wanting more!

Hyper Wins Slots is a much more 'to the point' title where players will excel in appreciating the game's simplicity and earning potential. There aren't the fanciest symbols in game but they are absolutely effective and easy to aim for, from green squares and red hearts, to pink flowers and orange ovals, the game never becomes to difficult or out of reach, and players may be surprised at how badly they seek something as simple yet beautiful as a pink flower!

The standard face card symbols are present from Jack to Ace and these represent the much higher bonuses in game that allows players to aim for up to ten thousand times their stake when claiming a nine of a kind match on the reel! Five of a kind paylines offer anywhere from thirty times to two hundred times investment, four of a kind offer anywhere from twenty to eighty times investment, and three of a kind although easiest to attain still offers fantastic incentive of anywhere from five to twenty times investment!

Hyper Wins Slots seems to offer a much more playful play style and aesthetic with the matching icons looking more like 'candy to crush' than anything else, but this lightens up the gameplay and matches the awesomely guiding background tunes. This is a game of whimsy and provides an excellent gameplay experience to those who would like to try the demo and play for free. Realtime Gaming always offers benefits to free players and always allows those willing to try the game just that opportunity!

Scatters and wilds are also present, and the Hyper Prize and Lucky features provide players with endless bonuses to shoot for! The crescent rainbow moon is an example of a special scatter that once earned will substitute all other reel symbols and this in turn increases bonus multiplier potential. The three-star icons that exist in game will appear on the board, and if there are more than three present players will attain anywhere from five to two hundred free spins! When four or more bonus stars appear on the reel, players will have a chance at a thousand times stake jackpot!

Surprises and slots bonuses are aplenty in Hyper Wins Slots, it's an adventure uniquely its own and offers a lot of fantastic gameplay along with unique scatters and fun to watch multipliers. Get immersed today with another Realtime Gaming classic in Hyper Slots today!