Meerkat Misfits Slots

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5-reel, bonus, video

Meerkat Misfits Slots is a backroads adventure of funky fortune for those who love the outdoors and can appreciate the quirky awesomeness of this title! Mischievous meerkats are out for fortune and infamy and it's up to the player to get as many of these guys as possible!

Realtime Gaming did a fantastic job of portraying the country backwoods in a light hearted and approachable way. The guitar theme lays a soundtrack players can find themselves spinning the reel to for hours. The aesthetic approach is simplistic yet hilarious, players will find themselves not only playing, matching, and winning, but also laughing at the pure absurdity of some of the animations and it adds to the levity and enjoyment of the game on a purist level.

The high win rate for Meerkat Misfits Slots makes it not only feasible to new and old players alike, but let's be honest, winning is simply more fun! With the over thirty paylines and ability to have numerous bonus multipliers on a single board, finding fantastic wins shouldn't be too far and few between for players looking to dive in right away. Free games and free spins are also available to those who want to try the free version first, and in fact it's encouraged with the amount of bonuses Realtime Gaming has implemented for free players alone!

The wildness of Meerkat Misfits is evident off the bat with matching symbols varying from ostriches to deer crossing signs. From the sheathed hunting knifes and the dastardly meerkats themselves, Meerkat Misfits Slots has a unique design all its own that's not only fun to look at and play, but also engaging and fun to win with!

There is a lot of profitability with Meerkat Misfits Slots, but the volatility is also high with the sheer amount of paylines. Over thirty paylines will guide players through their adventure of fortune and meerkat mischievousness, and the multiplying wilds feature is extremely unique and can provide players with a lucrative option to aim for when grinding away at the reel! Most games offer single wilds to up the jackpot or current multiplier, but with bonus and multiple wilds players can find mega bonuses within a single play, and finding meerkats along with these wilds will only pump up the winnings and make every moment spent on Meerkat Misfits Slots some of the best slots players will ever experience!

High win rates, fantastically fun designs, free games and spins to ease in new players, what else could one want from a slots adventure? Hop in today and get lost in the wild wilderness of Realtime Gaming's Meerkat Misfits Slots!