Jackpot Sevens Slots

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3-reel, video, bonus
Classic Slot Symbols

Netgame Entertainment has created a unique slots title all its own. Jackpot Sevens Slots provides addictive instant win gameplay with the classic slots feel that players know and love. This is a reveal and win game with a few twists on the original.

Cards are hidden by a three-by-three grid The main game incorporates the player brandishing their card with the ability to scratch the cards by virtually dragging. Revealing the reward instantly is also an option and this works a lot like the real lotters and Jackpot Sevens game.. with the flip of a card. The gist of the game is to win instantly, but in fact there are a plethora of options to win big and multiply the initial stake.

Revealing three of a kind sevens is standard and will always provide players a bonus, revealing three blue sevens intermixed with zeros can provide a bonus up to and over a hundred times investment! This being the second game means there is a third nestled in, and this one is not complex but it is difficult. The goal is always to find the sevens as this is Jackpot Sevens Slots, and the aim is to group as many of the valuable sevens together as possible. Ranging from least valuable to most, players will seek orange, purple, green, blue and red. These colors provide varying degrees of bonus prizes with orange being a multiplier of one, and red securing a bonus of seven thousand seven hundred and seven credits!

Jackpot Sevens Slots is an extremely unique slots game as it incorporates many games into one. Besides the three main games there is also a bonus Pot of Gold round in which players will seek.. yes, yet again more sevens, but this time there are more colors and more multipliers! Players will be scratching a lot of boards in order to discover the true colors of their prized sevens, and this is no different. From least valuable to most, players will encounter green, blue, red, orange, silver and gold sevens with gold providing up to a two hundred times bonus!

Netgame Entertainment has created their own stylized blend on the slots dynamic, and here we have many games within one! Scratch away at the sevens and let fate force the hand, it's all about matching the right colors at the right time because there's only one symbol of power in this game. Chase the sevens, and let lady luck be the guide!