Lucky Catch Slots

Lucky Catch Slots
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5-reel, bonus, video
Underwater, Fish

Lucky Catch Slots is a charmingly fun game which will test the luck of players all the while providing a beautiful aesthetic seascape and quality slots gameplay.

The soundtrack is what one would expect from a whimsical sea adventure; the soft flowing tunes guide and ease players into the game and from there it's off to the races.. or more like oceans! Players will find densely packed character designs within the twenty five offered paylines to match and earn with! This is a high volatility game with so many paylines, but it adds to the world building effect and players will find themselves matching lower tier options much more often than other slots adventures.

This is a game within a game as any classic slots title are, there are countless hours to be spent collecting bonuses and finding all the wilds and their multiplier bonuses as well! With the five reels and twenty five paylines, there is no end to the combination bonuses and players being able to find multipliers and life changing jackpots!

The ocean world built by RTG in this fantastic slots title makes the game worth playing in it of itself. From least valuable to most valuable, players can find under water aquatic life such as octopuses, turtles, lionfish, putter fish, angel fish, gold fish, green jelly fish, purple jelly fish, red jelly fish, blue jelly fish, and of course the classic logo scatters which provide players a whole new board and world of bonuses!

Scatters and wilds are a unique trait to slots games and provide the bonus elements players truly seek in a game, but one can not ignore the quality of the gameplay in Lucky Catch and the sheer amount of symbol combinations and bonus multipliers available purely in the standard game. Twenty free spins are also up for grabs along with random bonuses sprawled throughout the playable reels.

New players unwilling to jump into the deep end can try out the Lucky Catch demo, they can attain free spins and play the 'reel' version of the game all the while not having to sacrifice any real money off the bat. It's a fantastic game with a unique aesthetic and under water theme that even the most hardened of slots players will enjoy.

Lucky Catch Slots is a game that's truly easy to learn yet hard to master, finding the loot in underwater vessels and troves via way of reel spins and wild encounters is unmatched and creates a unique user experience. This is one of RTG's best games yet and players can dive into the deep end of Lucky Catch Slots today!