Legend of Helios Slots

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Greek Mythology

Legend of Helios is a straightforward slots title with its potent art style and simplistic yet brilliant gameplay. Realtime Gaming has put forth a legacy adventure filled with gorgeous art style animations and an easy to learn, hard to master gameplay style.

The Legend of Helios slots title offers a gloriously motivating backing soundtrack as if players are moving into battle with their own armies and fortunes, and the visual prowess is uniquely its own and purely fantastic. Legend of Helios Slots offers low buy ins, easy to learn matching symbols and the ability to play on mobile if players so choose.

Reel spinning slots players will be a fan of Legend of Helios and the fun gameplay mechanics, this in addition to possibly winning fifty six thousand two hundred and fifty times the initial bet! That is just pure insanity for a jackpot provision and a fantastic prize for players to aim for.

Volatility is somewhat high in terms of earning for Legend of Helios as there are twenty five paylines, but the amount of symbols isn't vast so the value evens out. Symbols include the legends Helios, Selene and Eos, a horse drawn chariot along with the face card symbols ranging from Jack to King. Three Scatter symbols can trigger the Bonus Portal, and the Mystery Symbol can randomly morph into other symbols. These bonuses are harder to attain but provide endless bonuses that really juice the pot! The gameplay basics are simple, fun and effective, and the game's lore provides players with a sense of immersion and lets the imagination run wild.

Gameplay comes down to matching three of a kind to five of a kind with bonuses multiplying accordingly. Sun symbols act as wilds and provide re-spins, free spins and all sorts of reel covering bonuses that players will appreciate and enjoy collecting. Low buy ins ranging from a quarter of a credit to slightly over six credits will provide players with a sense of ease in being able to manage and earn from a considerable bankroll that isn't necessarily endless.

Free games and spins are available in the standard demo and provides an insight into the gameplay, sound and feel of Legend of Helios Slots. Realtime Gaming shows their sophistication in making a period piece slots title that's not only fun but immersive to the theme.

From collecting Suns of the ancient world to matching the Legends of Helios themselves, this slots title awaits those who want to have fun and earn along the way! Jump into one of the best slots games out there today in Legends of Helios Slots!